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Here we include some information on the advanced endodontic instruments/materials used in our clinics and the associated costs of Root Canal Treatment at our clinic.

This information is for patient awareness/empowerment purposes only and not meant to be an advetisement or claims of superiority of these endodontic products over other endodontic products. We believe that our patients have a right to know which materials are, and will be used on their teeth in our clinics. Further, they should have access to safety data on these products from their respective manufacturers.



Advanced Root Canal Instruments / Materials used in our clinics

  • Root ZX II Apex Locator & Dentaport Handpeice - to determine the length of the root canal electronically and rotary preparation of root canals. This instrument is considered to be the best in the world and has been the best selling apex locator in the world for several years running.

Please click here or on the picture below, to read more about Root ZX II Apex Locator from J. Morita Corporation.

          Apex Locator    Dentaport


  • Dental Operating Surgical Microscope - Provides magnification from 5X to 25X via motorised control. High magnification aids in diagnosis and enhances the cleaning of root canals. Improved visibility inside the root canals. Includes camera attachment. Please click here to read more about Microscopes in Endodontics. Root canal costs are mentioned at the bottom of this page.

    microscope   endodontic microscope pic


  • Dental Dam - for isolating the tooth/quadrant being operated upon. Dental Dam is a rubber sheet which is placed over the mouth in such a way that the tooth being worked on is above it and the rest of the teeth are below. It prevents salivary contamination of the root canals and also prevents pus/infected tooth fragments and strong medicines from going down the throat. For patients allergic to latex, we also have latex-free dental dam.

Please click here to read more on rubber dam.

                dental dam         dental dam inside tooth canals       latex free          instadam


  • Thermaflo Obturation System: Thermaflo is a simple, fast and effective carrier based heated gutta percha endodontic obturation system.The Thermaflo advantage over conventional obturation techniques is evident in the management of aberrations like fins, cul de sacs, lateral and accessory canals, apical deltas and internal resorptions.


  • E & Q Plus Obturation System: E&Q Plus gives the clinician the option to choose from either vertical compaction of warm gutta percha, heat softened gutta percha injection or a combination of both techniques in filling the canals.


  • Rotary files from ProTaper, Mtwo, K3, Varitaper, Lightspeed  -

    Each ProTaper file has a variable changing taper over the length of its cutting blades. Specifically, the ProTaper shaping files have small-sized tips, which act as guides to follow the path of the canal previously secured with hand files. Progressively tapered shaping files work away from their apical extents and, importantly, selectively cut dentin toward their larger, stronger and more active blades.

    Mtwo® instruments are particularly flexible and efficient due to the combination of an S-shaped cross-section and deep cutting blades. Maximum space for removal of dentinal debris and minimum radial canal wall contact for a safe and fast preparation. The distance between the cutting blades increases from the instrument tip to the shaft: the pitch is progressive.The space for dentin removal is deeper at the back of the blade. This reduces the risk of blockage and the accumulation of dentin chips. The cutting blades form long, almost vertical spirals ensuring better control of instrument progression. Max. 4 instruments for all types of root canals and all instruments are used to full working length. Mtwo instruments have a double cutting action: on penetration and laterally. This enables so-called ”simultaneous shaping“.Even with the fi rst instrument, the whole length of the root canal is shaped conically.Effective bacteria elimination: after using the second Mtwo® instrument 15/.05, a 30G (ISO 30) irrigation cannula can already be brought to 3 mm before the apex

    K3 files have a positive rake angle that provides the active cutting action, while its wide radial land provides blade support and increased peripheral strength to resist torsional and rotary stresses. The third radial land stabilizes and keeps the instrument centered in the canal and minimizes “over engagement.” Radial land relief reduces friction on the canal wall.

    The unique LSX “Spade Blade” cuts only where you need to cut. It thoroughly cleans all walls of the apical third without unnecessarily removing root structure coronally or in the mid–root, which can weaken the tooth. Plus, the stamping process that creates the LSX spade blade greatly reduces the imperfections that result from the grinding process. The two–blade design cuts more conservatively and efficiently, while providing unparalleled tactile feedback.When extreme force and torque are exerted onto these instruments, they are designed to separate at the handle instead of at the tip, greatly reducing the risk of irretrievable separation.


  • ProUltra Ultrasonic InsertsMain Indications are removal of coronal and root restorative material, locating and opening of calcified root canals, elimination of root obturation material, pulp stone removal, removal of broken instruments


  • Hand Files from ProTaper, Senseus, C+, NitiFlex -

The 'Progressively Tapered' - PROTAPER root canal files are made out of Nickel -Titanium for greater flexibility to reach into curved root canals and shape them  in accordance with the latest crown-down technique of root canal treatment.

Complimenting the ProTaper Files are the ProTaper paper points and gutta percha points which have been designed to match the shape of canals prepared with ProTaper finishing flies, hence provide optimal coronal and apical fit and seal of root canal filling.

Please click the picture below or click here to read more about ProTaper Files, Gutta Percha & Paper Points, made by Dentsply.


                                      Protaper NiTi           Protaper Paper & GP

SENSEUS Hand Files - Another advanced root canal file with large, soft grip silicone handles for better tactile feedback and efficiency, especially when working with     gloves on. These are made by Dentsply, USA. Please click on the picture below or click here to read more about Senseus Files from Dentsply.

                                                                Senseus Files


 C+ Files - These advanced files also from Dentsply, USA feature a variable taper design, have reduced flexion with greater buckling resistance and therefore have easier access to the root canal tip, especially during initial canal catheterization. They are considered the ideal choice for initial canal negotiation especially  in highly calcified canals, for re-treatment procedures and even for working length measurements.

Please click on the picture below or click here to read more about C+ files from Dentsply.

                                                            C+ files


  • Glyde Root Canal Conditioner & Lubricant - Contains EDTA and Carbamide Peroxide in gel form. It reduces risk of instrument separation within canal by acting as a lubricant. It also removes the smear layer from canal walls and facilitates in optimal cleaning and sealing. It produces bubbling action in contact with Hypochlorite (root canal irrigant) and helps remove debris from within the canals.

Please click on the picture below or click here to read more about Glyde from Dentsply.


  •  AH 26 Root Canal Sealer (Silver free)-  AH 26 is a radiopaque root canal filling material. It is available as either with silver or silver free composition. It can be used alone or in combination with Gutta Percha points for the permanent filling of root canals in adult teeth. It does not shrink during setting, contains no irritants, has excellent tissue compatibility and ensures a tightly sealing root canal obturation.

Please click on the picture below or click here to read more about AH 26 Root Canal Sealer from Dentsply.

                                                                     AH 26 Root canal sealer


  •  Pulp Tester: Device to determine the response of the dental pulp to electrical stimuli.

  • Sodium Hypochlorite Root Canal Irrigant - This is the main disinfectant in endodontic treatment and dissolves the necrotic pulpal tissue within the root canal preparing it for a sealed filling.


  •  2% Chlorhexidine Root Canal Irrigant - 2% Chlorhexidine solution when used for root canal irrigation along-with conventional root canal irrigation methods increases the success rate of the root canal treatment. 2% Chlorhexidine has been demonstrated to achieve higher levels of root canal disinfection when compared with conventional techniques alone.  

For more information on the above, please click here or read :

TITLE:                 The effect of chlorhexidine as an endodontic disinfectant.
JOURNAL:           Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology & Endodontics
ISSUE DETAILS:  Nov. 2003, Volume 96, Issue 5, Pages 578-581
AUTHOR:             A.Zamany


  • Calcium Hydroxide + Iodoform paste -  This is used for disinfection of root canals and also in immature roots.


  •  Fiber Posts: These are used to restore badly broken down teeth which may otherwise have to be extracted. These have flexibility similar to that of natural tooth.





Cost of Root Canal Treatment at our clinic
For conversion of the costs into your own currency, please click on the foreign currency price below, and choose your own currency from the drop down list that shows up.
RCT with rubber dam isolation, rotary instrumentation under Operating Microscope: INR 4500.00/-  
RCT with cotton isolation, without rubber dam, with manual instrumentation under Operating Microscope : INR 2500.00/-

(All root canal treatments are carried out as per international standards of Crown Down Technique)

Fiber Post & Core: INR 2000.00/-                                       
For crown restoration on endodontically treated teeth, please refer section on Advanced Prosthodontics


 For conversion of the costs into your own currency, please click on the foreign currency price below, and choose your own currency from the drop down list that shows up.



  Currencies converter

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